Achaia Team

Achaia Records, Inc. (pronounced: uh-chA-uh) was founded in 2004 by a group of businessmen and musicians with shared passion for music. Their mutual desire to provide something new and fresh to the God-Conscious music scene inspired them to create a niche for artists who seemed to be lost in the crowd of today’s pop genre. They combined their years of experience in music and business to form Achaia Records, Inc.

President DeOnn Wooden

Mr. Wooden came to ARI as a journeyman electrician, musician, and sound equipment specialist with over 20 years experience in music. Mr. Wooden has spent many years working with, around, and acquiring sound and studio equipment. De’Onn is an expert in construction, recording studio design techniques, and equipment.

Vice President Ron Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman, a cofounder and President of ARI, is chiefly responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of ARI and its various projects. Mr. Hoffman has several decades of experience in the financial field and has brought his business acumen to ARI. Ron is a tireless numbers and construction guru. He has a high intelligence for deciding the best, most efficient use of financial resources to yield the greatest reward possible. He is also a well organized and focused manager. Ron ensures that projects and tasks are on target and on budget.

Robin D. Gordon Jr

Robin Gordon is the Music Pastor of Celebration Tabernacle Church in Portland. Celebrating over 17 years as the church’s music director, while teaching voice and piano for the last 18 plus years. Gordon has been serving as musical director for E. D. Mondaine’ and Belief, and the executive music producer for their four albums. He’s a passionate teacher who’s launched his piano teaching method to the masses. Focused on making learning piano by ear, available to all who desire.